Founded by Kathy & Freddy 'Skins' Ruvalcaba, SKINS LA is art, it's fashion, it's Los Angeles, some good grub, lots of beers and too many cocktails.

 Our items are limited edition or 1 of 1 & all art is the original work of Freddy Ruvalcaba.

About the artist: LA native, Freddy ‘Skins’ Ruvalcaba is a self taught Mexican-American artist. He will tell you he has to paint, to see the visions in his mind play out on paper, and its up to you to decide what you see or feel. If you look closely however, he regularly gives subtle nods to life after death. Contrasting bright bold colours & the darkness often associated with skulls, he allows you to decide which side speaks the loudest on that particular day. 

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