Art Workshops

Starting May 26th, join us for monthly art workshops in the park at La Brea Tar Pits. These 45-minute workshops offer a perfect opportunity for bonding with your little one while enjoying the numerous benefits of art. As a constant activity in our home, we've seen firsthand the wonderful advantages painting with your toddler can bring. These are not 'paint by number' classes. During your 45-minute workshop, you and your child will be gently guided to express yourselves freely, fostering creativity and exploration. Here are some key benefits:

*Enhances Fine Motor Skills:** 
*Boosts Creativity:** 
*Supports Cognitive Development:** 
*Facilitates Emotional Expression:**
*Promotes Social Interaction:** 
*Enhances Concentration:** 

Price includes all materials and a stretched canvas for you and your little one to take home.

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